Oregon Specific Internet Links

Oregon Revised Statutes ORS – 2021 Edition
Oregon Administrative Rules The database for the Oregon Administrative Rules has all the rules and filings for Oregon in one easy to search location.
Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) This updated website has links to DHS programs and resources for older adults, those with disabilities, families and youth.

Resources for APD Providers and Partners

Information, tools and resources, for Aged & Physically Disabled (APD) providers—including behavior support, licensing home care workforce, hospital resources, long-term care.
Oregon Governor’s Website The Governor’s website, with information about budget, links to State agencies, and a variety of useful information regarding Oregon governmental services.
Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act Reports On October 27, 1997, Oregon enacted the Death with Dignity Act which allows terminally ill individuals to end their lives through the voluntary self-administration of lethal medications, expressly prescribed by a physician for that purpose. The Oregon Death with Dignity Act requires the Oregon Health Authority to collect information about the patients and physicians who participate in the Act, and publish an annual statistical report.
Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services Oregon’s largest consumer protection and business regulatory agency. We are a resource to Oregonians in areas involving finance and insurance, workplace safety and health, and building safety.
Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles Comprehensive information and forms related to vehicles and driver licensing.
Instructions regarding transfer of vehicles at death: https://www.oregon.gov/odot/DMV/docs/inherit.pdf
Oregon Employee Search Form Need to find the phone number for a particular state employee: This site should speed up that search.
Oregon Health & Science University Center for Ethics in Health Care Website includes  information on medical ethics, end-of-life issues, compassionate communication, and research.
Oregon Secretary of State Business registry and UCC forms online.
UCC Record Search
UCC is a ministerial agency operating within the Corporation Division, under the auspices of the Secretary of State of Oregon. Its purpose is to Record, Retain, and Retrieve information concerning Uniform Commercial Code filings. It exists to reduce the risk of creditors by a) establishing a security interest incurred by a debtor, so that priority of claim may be proved in case of bankruptcy or default; and b) by providing information on financing statements and liens to interested parties. A search can be conducted with the debtor’s last name or a lien number.
Oregon Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA)  The Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance program uses trained volunteers to educate and advocate for Oregonians with Medicare.​
Oregon Unclaimed Property
This free service allows you to search for and claim lost financial assets (unclaimed property) held by the State of Oregon.



Oregon Elder Abuse Reporting

Information about how to identify and report abuse, including financial abuse.


Call 855-503-SAFE (7233) if you think an older person or vulnerable adult is being abused, neglected or being taken advantage of financially.