Elder Law Numbers

Important Elder Law Numbers:  Updated for October 1, 2021

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefit Standards
Eligible Individual $794/month
Eligible Couple $1,191/month
Medicaid (Oregon)
Asset limit for Medicaid recipient $2,000
Burial account limit $1,500
Long Term Care Income Cap $2,382/month
Community Spouse Minimum Resource Standard $26,076
Community Spouse Maximum Resource Standard $130,380
Community Spouse Minimum Monthly Allowance Standard $2,177.50 /month
Community Spouse Maximum Monthly Allowance $3,259.50/month
Excess Shelter Allowance Amount Above $653.25/month
SNAP Utility Allowance Used to Figure Excess Shelter Allowance $450/month
Personal needs allowance in nursing home (Note: for some veterans, the personal needs allowance is $90/month.) $64.94/month
Personal needs allowance in community-based care $177/month
Room & board rate for waivered community-based care facilities $617/month
OSIP Maintenance Standard for person receiving in-home services $1,294/month
SSI ony: $816
Average Private Pay Rate for Calculating Ineligibility for Transfer of Assets at less than Fair Market Value after October 1, 2020 $9,551/month
 Hospital Part A deductible per illness spell $1,484
 Skilled nursing facility co-insurance for days 21–100 $185.50/day
Part B premium $148.50/month
(Part B premium is higher if annual income is more than $85,000 single or $170,000 married couple)
 Part B deductible $203/year
 Part D Premium Varies by plan

The need standard for an individual who receives in-home services is now the OSIPM maintenance standard ($794 per month in 2021) plus $500, which equals $1,294 per month for 2021.