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Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 2023

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Case Law Articles in the Elder Law Newsletter Case note: State of Oregon Department of Human Services v. Henry L. Hobart and Rose E. Jimenz, 318 Or. App. 52 (2022)
April 2022, p. 3

Recent cases of interest to elder law practitioners
January 2017, p. 1

Nay v. Department of Human Services (360 Or 668 2016)
January 2017, p. 5

Spoon-feeding case weighed advance directive against Oregon law
January 2017, p. 10

What does it take to “take”?
January 2017, p. 5

Eighth Circuit Court decision affects special needs planning
April 2015, p. 10

“Permitting” the abuse of a vulnerable person: Wyers v. American Medical Response Northwest, Inc.
January 2015, p. 9

Nay vs. Department of Human Services (2014)
January 2015, p. 12

State of Oregon v. Cue stiffens notice requirements in probate proceedings
January 2015, p. 14

Guardian and ombudsman clash in court
October 2014, p. 9

Blazing a trail to murky waters: Considerations for same-sex spouses in the wake of United States v Windsor
October 2013, p. 9

Settlement of Jimmo v. Sebelius expands access to Medicare skilled care benefits
July 2013, p. 8

Update: Court cases involve elder law issues
April 2013, p. 1

Court rules on property held in trust
April  2013, p. 6